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Macurco Re-launches Advanced AimSafety Portable Gas Detection

Macurco Re-launches Advanced AimSafety Portable Gas Detection

AimSafety Easy-to-Use Personal Gas Monitors Help Reduce Toxic Threat Exposure And Allow Global Operations to Increase Revenue, Productivity, Safety

Sioux Falls, SD – August 13, 2018—Macurco Gas Detection, a leading developer of gas detection solutions for oil and gas, industrial safety, HVAC, fire and security, building operations, and EMS response, today announced the launch of its innovative portable gas detection product line, AimSafety.

The new AimSafety by Macurco Gas Detection portable gas detection solutions combine innovation, ease of use, fast response time, and data aggregation to help workers and organizations provide better safety and workplace toxic threat protection, which helps increase revenue and productivity.

Previously, Macurco Gas Detection produced the AimSafety portable gas monitor line until 2007, when it sold the company to 3M. In 2012, Macurco executives bought back the company and its trademarks from 3M and have steadily produced advanced fixed, semi-fixed, and portable gas monitors under the Macurco brand.

“Based on customer demand and the strong legacy of high quality, easy-to-use personal gas monitors, we decided to re-introduce the AimSafety by Macurco brand and the portable product solutions, and once again our goals are to deliver the most effective, worker-protection-oriented, innovative, and ergonomic portable gas detection product line to the global safety market,” said Jeffrey Christiansen, Macurco Gas Detection President.

The AimSafety by Macurco Solutions still has a loyal customer following, and the Macurco company has received inquiries from global customers to provide them with simple, easy-to-operate, effective, and efficient portable gas monitors.

AimSafety Gas Detection Product Legacy

According to Christiansen, the company previously developed the AimSafety gas monitors to provide portable gas detectors to industrial organizations and workers who needed a fast, reliable gas monitor for everyday use. Over the past 20 years, the AimSafety personal gas monitors were known as AIM Safety, AIM Safe Air (under AIM Global), IST-AIM (under IST), AIM (under Aerion Technologies), AimSafety by 3M, and now, AimSafety by Macurco Gas Detection.

“AimSafety was initially developed to deliver ease of use and immediate response time, to protect workers and their organization’s assets. The Macurco management team recently re-acquired the AimSafety by Macurco brand and will be immediately introducing cost-effective, durable, easilymanaged and deployed gas monitors that provide 24/7 real-time information, compliance and as a result, increased revenues to operations that are faced with unseen dangers of toxic gas in everyday production,” added Christiansen.

Macurco Gas Detection Recent Oil & Gas Market Growth

Macurco’s steady revenue progress year-over-year has led to augmenting its team with senior, experienced gas detection industry leadership. The TracXP sales team is headed by Macurco’s new VP of Sales, Ron Unruh. Mr. Unruh. previously was Manager of Wireless Business Development of the Honeywell GPP Team and was RAE Systems by Honeywell Sales Manager for the Americas Fixed Systems and MeshGuard products. The TracXP sales team also includes Brian Wingo, who previously was RAE Systems by Honeywell’s Western U.S. and Latin America Sales Manager, where he sourced and delivered new wireless gas detection solutions for North American industrial and energy exploration, refinement, and transportation. Macurco also recently added Keith Lincoln as Director of Support Services. Mr. Lincoln was previously with RAE Systems by Honeywell as a Global Product Manager for fixed and MeshGuard gas monitors and Manager of Technical Support. Prior to RAE Systems, Mr. Lincoln was the Regional Manager for gas detection sales for Mallory Safety & Supply.

“The recent increased market demand for real-time detection and operational safety in oil and gas upstream and downstream processes led to our development of the new, advanced, fixed wireless TracXP gas detection systems that help reduce combustible and toxic gas exposure risk and incidents,” said Jeffrey Christiansen, Macurco Gas Detection President. “By deploying these new TracXP solutions, oil and gas operations can now improve their operational real-time safety, reduce risk and response times, and as a result, increase bottom-line revenue and productivity.”

About Macurco Gas Detection

Macurco Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures a complete set of fixed and portable gas detection monitors to protect workers, responders, and the community. Macurco has over 50 years of proven gas detection experience in residential, commercial, and industrial gas monitoring. Macurco gas detection systems (HVAC, Fire & Security, AimSafety, and TracXP) are widely recognized by distributors and users for their high performance and consistent reliability.

Macurco is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Learn more at

For more information about Macurco products, applications, or gases, please get in touch with Macurco at 877-367-7891 or email us at [email protected].

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