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Macurco Gas Detection

Gas Storage

This publication is intended to serve as a guideline for the use of Macurco products. It is not to be considered all-inclusive, nor is it intended to replace the policy and procedures for any facility. If there are any doubts about the applicability of the equipment to your situation, consult an industrial hygienist or call Macurco at 1-877-367-7891.

Importance of a Fixed Gas Detection System

Protection of people and property 24 / 7 / 365

Advance Notification

Explosion prevention

Low-cost investment to help prevent accidents

Gas Storage

Inert Gas Storage Example

In this example, there is a high risk of asphyxiation in the small room in the event of a gas leak. With an oxygen detector mounted roughly 5-6 feet from the floor centrally in the room and notification devices both in the room and outside prior to entering in the event of a low oxygen reading. This will minimize the risk of a dangerous event.

Gas Storage

Suggested Gas Detectors, Control Panels & Accessories

The Macurco Commerical Gas monitors has a variety of monitors for a variety of gas detection applications and gases. TracXP monitors include combustible gas (LEL) detectors which are rated for Class I, Div. 1, and Div. 2 hazardous locations. These units are available in fixed or wireless versions. AimSafety monitors are portable monitors for personal protection when entering potentially hazardous areas.

Common Applications