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Macurco Gas Detection

Boiler/ Mechanical Rooms

A building’s mechanical system is the heartbeat of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. These areas include utility plants, boiler and chiller rooms, mechanical or electrical rooms, and fuel rooms. Many states are adopting laws that require the monitoring of these potentially hazardous environments.

Why Install A Gas Detection System in a Boiler/Mechanical room?

Personnel Safety

Any person within the property is potentially exposed to harmful gases.

Building Safety

Proper ventilation and/or valve shut off at low levels of harmful or explosive gases can eliminate potentially hazardous situations.


Gas leaks are very expensive but can be prevented if monitored or detected.

Gases Found

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is created by incomplete combustion and is one of the main gases emitted by a faulty boiler. CO is considered the “silent killer” because it has no smell or taste and cannot be seen. Without a CO detector, a person is rendered helpless. Based on an article by the CDC, unintentional, non-fire-related carbon monoxide poisoning is a leading cause of death by CO.


Methane and/or Propane are commonly used for heating any indoor property. Methane and propane are combustible gases that when exposed to a spark or flame and mixed with the right amount of oxygen, can create an explosion. When not monitored, methane or propane creates a potentially hazardous and dangerous environment.


There are a wide variety of refrigerant gases that are used in modern society. Refrigerant poisoning typically occurs in locations such as confined spaces or enclosed chiller rooms. Symptoms of mild or moderate poisoning include headache, nausea, vomiting, coughing, and dizziness. Severe poisoning can be fatal.

Mechanical rooms are often forgot about as unsafe spaces. Since Methane and/or Propane are commonly used for heating, a leak can become catastrophic. If the gases are not fully combusted a harmful poisonous gas can result in Carbon Monoxide. Carbon Monoxide poisoning can become fatal if concentrations become high enough. Chillers are also found in mechanical rooms and have the potential to leak refrigerant gases and that can become costly and extremely hazardous

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Boiler/ Mechanical Rooms

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