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Macurco Gas Detection

Dry Ice & Vaccine Storage

With the deployment of COVID vaccines throughout medical facilities, laboratories, and pharmacies, the vials need to be stored at extremely cold temperatures. Dry ice is being used to keep the vaccines cold during storage before use.

When dry ice sublimates, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is released into the air causing a safety concern to individuals. The CD-6B Carbon Dioxide (CO2) detector placed near the cooler will provide both audio and visual notification if Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels rise above the alarm set point.

Effects & Symptoms

• When vaporized dry ice produces a large volume of carbon dioxide, it can displace air, causing both CO2 poisoning and oxygen deficiency and may accumulate in low points.
• Customers need to consult with local and state agencies on all building, installation usage permitting, and licensing requirements.

Dry Ice & Vaccine Storage

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