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Macurco Gas Detection

Cryosauna & Cryogenics

Cryotherapy has become a popular new therapy by exposing the body to extremely cold temperatures. Typically, liquid nitrogen is used to create these extremely cold temperatures which generate the need to monitor oxygen levels for customer’s and employee’s safety.

The cryosauna installation shall include an oxygen detection system set to activate an alarm at 19.5% O2 by volume or sooner. The detector should be installed near the sauna cabin, in proximity to the occupant’s breathing zone. The alarm shall provide both audio and visual notification to notify both the occupant and operator when oxygen levels fall below the alarm set point.

Effects & Symptoms

• Inert cryogenic liquids like nitrogen, when vaporized, produce a large volume of cold, inert gas, displacing air, causing oxygen deficiency, and may accumulate in low points.
• Storage and handling of Nitrogen must meet the applicable requirements of NFPA 55, Compressed Gases, and Cryogenic Fluids Code 2013.
• Customers must consult with local and state agencies on all building, installation, and usage permitting and licensing requirements.

Cryosauna & Cryogenics

Suggested Gas Detectors, Control Panels & Accessories

Fixed gas detection for oxygen depletion, shut-down control and notifications.

Common Applications