Our History

Headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Aerionics, Inc. manufactures the Macurco Gas Detection product lines.

Macurco strives to provide the highest quality gas detection, safety and security solutions to customers worldwide.

Celebrating over forty years of gas detection, the Macurco product line offers equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Since 1972 Macurco has been providing detection options for a number of different gases including carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), hydrogen (H2), propane (LP) and methane (natural gas).

Whether you are looking for gas detection for a security system, building automation or HVAC system, for personal safety or for monitoring specific gases in potentially hazardous environments, Macurco has a gas detector to meet your needs.


To protect human life by the early detection of harmful gases.


To provide the highest quality gas detection and safety solutions to serve the global market.


To act with integrity and respect to employees, customers, and suppliers.

Our Team

Macurco takes pride in having a tight-knit team that drives business from every end of the country. With experienced team members that have indepth knowledge of Macurco and it’s products, the Macurco team will be sure to help address any gas detection question or need you may have.

  • Michael Strandell
    Michael Strandell CEO
  • Jeffrey Christiansen
    Jeffrey Christiansen President
  • Ron Unruh
    Ron Unruh Vice President of Sales
  • James Strohecker
    James Strohecker Vice President of Marketing
  • Bobbi Bourk
    Bobbi Bourk Senior Controller
  • Aaron Sherman
    Aaron Sherman HVAC and Security Solutions Specialist
  • Aubrey Miskell
    Aubrey Miskell Special Hazards Solutions Sr. Engineer
  • Branden Dewing
    Branden Dewing HVAC and Security Solutions Specialist
  • Brian Dewald
    Brian Dewald Technical Support Specialist
  • Brian Wingo
    Brian Wingo Special Hazards Solutions Specialist
  • Deb Bankes
    Deb Bankes Supply Chain Manager
  • Derek Moe
    Derek Moe Quality Engineer
  • Greg Thomas
    Greg Thomas Portable Solutions Specialist
  • Jace Krumwiede
    Jace Krumwiede Global HVAC and Security Solutions Specialist
  • Jordan Grable
    Jordan Grable Marketing Coordinator
  • Keith Lincoln
    Keith Lincoln Technical Manager
  • Sanjib Baral
    Sanjib Baral Compliance Engineer
  • Tim Miller
    Tim Miller Technical Support Specialist

Repair, Service & Calibration

The Macurco Repair & Service Center provides repair, calibration and upgrade of Macurco equipment.