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Macurco Gas Detection

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Macurco Inc. has established a quality management system based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, Quality Systems—Model for quality assurance in engineering, production, and servicing. It will provide ongoing and improving quality services in accordance with this policy.

Macurco Inc. Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of Macurco Inc. is to provide high-quality gas detection and safety solutions through continuous improvement to serve the global market, act with integrity and respect to interested parties, including employees, customers, suppliers, and regulatory bodies, and provide an equitable return to shareholders. All products supplied by Macurco Inc. have been manufactured, assembled, tested, and calibrated in accordance with Macurco, Inc. product specifications.

Macurco Inc. is committed to the following Quality Objectives:

  • Fulfill customer requirements and embrace customer feedback;
  • Increase value and reduce cost;
  • Elite products, services, and on-time delivery;
  • Commitment to industry and regulatory standards;
  • Total quality management and continual measurable improvement;
  • Addressing the risks involved with supplying safety solution products.

Macurco Inc. aims to achieve these objectives through:

  • Providing appropriate resources, procedures, management, and overall support to ensure the desired standards can be achieved;
  • Adequately training its personnel to perform their duties and encouraging their ongoing personal development;
  • Ensuring employees understand Macurco, Inc. quality policy and objectives;
  • Reviewing Macurco Inc.’s performance regularly to ensure there is continual improvement in the quality of customer service.