Water / Wastewater treatment facilities take disturbed or unhealthy water and make it environmentally safe. This water which can contain chemicals, oils, and human waste, endures a process of treatment and purification that utilizes chemicals and toxins that can become a potential threat to personnel at the facility or the facility itself.

Why Utilize a Gas Detection System?


Safety at a water / wastewater treatment plant is imperative for the personnel operating these facilities. Continuous monitoring within hazardous environments provides pre-entry confirmation for safe entry conditions. Personal monitoring ensures worker safety as they move through a potentially hazardous environment of changing conditions.

Risk Mitigation 

There can be highly corrosive gases in a water / wastewater treatment plant putting not only your people but buildings / equipment at risk. Having a gas detection system in place can help lessen the effects of corrosion on your equipment through notification of gas presence and providing ventilation control.


Not only do you need to keep your personnel and buildings / equipment safe, but gas detection is regulated by code. Fixed gas detection systems provide continuous monitoring ensuring compliance with Federal and Local regulations.

Gases Found

Common gas hazards found in these plants are combustible gases such as Methane (LEL), oxygen deficiency and toxic gases. Your local jurisdiction or your on-site safety personnel can recommend what to monitor for at these locations.

Combustible Gases

Methane, Propane, Hydrogen, Butane, etc.

Oxygen Depletion

Inert Gases

Toxic Gases

Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Chlorine, Sulfur Dioxide, Etc.

Connectivity or Integration

With expansive connection options, our products can tie into your Building Automation System (BAS), alarm system or tie directly into our controllers. The detection of these harmful gases coincides with the alarm system which are vital notifications for anyone working on-site. Telemetry for fence line or remote location monitoring in real-time is also available providing a cost-savings for your facility.


Gas can be found in Wastewater Treatment Plants in or around:
• Belt press • Drum thickeners • Centrifuges • Digesters • Gravity belts thickeners • Sludge storage facilities • Wet wells • Dry wells • Bar screen areas (influent) • Cogen facilities where biogas is used to produce power • Chlorinator rooms

Industrial Gas Monitors

There are many different types of detectors found in these facilities. Classified product (Class 1. Div1., Class 1. Div 2., NEMA rated) are the most commonly found. These fixed-point systems or wireless systems have the ability to detect gases 24/7 and report as necessary. Within the framework of either the fixed or wireless system, you can tie in a control panel, BAS or even use them stand alone.

*Please contact your TracXP representative for all transmitter and controller options*

Portable Gas Monitors

Another common type of detector found in these facilities are portable monitors. The monitors are designed to give a real-time alarm when someone is in bad air or in danger of breathing in something toxic which can become fatal. A monitor like the PM400 (linked below) detects several different gases at one time and has the ability for data/event logging. This data/event logging feature will give the personnel the ability to keep up to date if an area of the facility is deemed hazardous at certain points of operation.

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