16 Channel Alarm Controller

The TracXP TXP-C16 sixteen channel controller can be configured with (8) or (16) inputs. The TXP-C16 comes standard with Modbus® Master and Slave RS-485 serial ports. The TXP-C16 is user-friendly and easily configurable for toxic and combustible critical alarm functions, as well as other 4 – 20 mA and/or Modbus® device inputs.

Product Downloads

TXP-C16 User Manual

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Key Features

  • Accepts up to 16 inputs from many sensor types and signal ranges
  • Eight channel display mode and option boards
  • Three independent alarm levels per channel
  • Dual Modbus serial ports
  • Cal mode offers push-button zero/cal span calibration
  • Authorization mode


For more information on the TXP-C16 please contact us on our “where to buy form” or call 1-877-367-7891

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