Gas Boiler Controller – COMING SOON

Boiler shutdown


The Gas Boiler Controller used in conjunction with Macurco Gas detectors is used to shut down boilers in the presence of gas. Using a single detector or up to four gas detectors the controller can control up to 8 dry contact outputs. These outputs are designed to shut
down the boiler system upon the detection of carbon monoxide and/or combustible gases such as natural gas or propane. If the detectors are programmed in latching mode then utilizing the Gas Boiler Controller you can reset the power to disengage the latched relay. The Gas Boiler Controller has a green power light, a red alarm light, a boiler reset button, and an audible buzzer.

Product Downloads

Gas Boiler Controller Data SheetGas Boiler Controller Specification

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Key Features

  • Shutdown up to 8 boilers individually via expansion relays
  • Customize up to 8 10A SPDT Relays (sets of 2)
  • Customize up to 4 Expansion Relay Boards
  • 24VDC driver for horn/strobe

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