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Macurco Unveils Newest Ventilation Panel with BACnet Output for Maximum Safety in Various Environments

Sioux Falls, SD –October 17, 2018 – Macurco Gas Detection, a leading developer of gas detection solutions for fire and security, HVAC, industrial, and personal safety announced its new innovative DVP-120B ventilation panel.

Macurco’s newest innovation – DVP-120B BACnet control panel 

The newest Macurco control panel can utilize a BACnet MS/TP output which serves data and key events back to a company’s Building Management System (BMS). This control panel also accommodates the ability to automatically control and maintain an acceptable air environment in parking garages and many other facilities.

A key benefit of the DVP-120B is the ability to connect up to 87 addressable gas detectors giving up to 435,000 square feet of coverage. This benefit provides ease-of-use, data aggregation for better safety, and efficiencies in productivity which ultimately will increase revenue.

The automatic control of ventilation systems when gas values hit key levels is a key feature of the DVP-120B ultimately offering faster response time which will maximize worker safety and peace-of-mind.

“Macurco’s new DVP-120B has surpassed expectations for controlling ventilation systems, transferring data back to your BMS all while providing the ability to wire 87 sensors for the greatest coverage. Macurco strives to deliver the best gas detectors and control panels for maximum safety and better operations which ultimately will increase revenue,” said Aaron Sherman, Macurco Gas Detection HVAC & Security Solutions Specialist.

About Macurco Gas Detection

Macurco Gas Detection is a division of Aerionics Inc. Macurco designs, develops and manufactures a full set of fixed and portable gas detection monitors for the protection of workers, responders, and the community. Macurco has more than 45-years of proven gas detection experience in residential, commercial and industrial gas monitoring. Macurco gas detection systems (HVAC, Fire & Security, AimSafety and TracXP) are widely recognized by distributors and users for their high performance and consistent reliability.

Macurco, AimSafety, and TracXP gas monitors are used in more than 50-countries around the world by major organizations protect workers and the community and save lives and maintain safety. Macurco is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Learn more at

For more information about the DVP-120B please contact Aaron Sherman at 605-370-5099 or email us at [email protected]

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