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Macurco Gas Detection

Fixed Gas Detector Mounting Height

Fixed Gas Detector Mounting Height

Fixed Gas Detector Mounting Height

August 3rd, Sioux Falls, SD –

One of the most common questions we receive is, “What height should I mount my gas detector?” This is all dependent on the weight density of the gas you are monitoring for. This post will walk you through the most common gas types and where a Macurco gas monitor should be mounted for applicable safety.

There are many different types of gas detectors, and they all have different use cases.  This article is a reference specifically for Macurco gas monitors; please refer to the appropriate product manual and check with the local code and AHJ requirements. If there are any questions on mounting, please consult an industrial hygienist or call Macurco at 877-367-7891.

Things to Consider:

When mounting sensors, they should not be located near any type of ventilation fan or opening that could lead to the outdoors. Make sure there is plenty of air movement to ensure you are receiving the desired airflow. If you mount a sensor in an area with little air movement it will not detect to its highest potential and result in incorrect readings. Another thing to consider is not to mount a gas monitor near any type of ceiling fan or supply air diffusers.

About Macurco Gas Detection

Macurco Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures a complete set of fixed and portable gas detection monitors to protect workers, responders, and the community. Macurco has over 50 years of proven gas detection experience in residential, commercial, and industrial gas monitoring. Macurco gas detection systems (HVAC, Fire & Security, AimSafety, and TracXP) are widely recognized by distributors and users for their high performance and consistent reliability.

Macurco is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Learn more at

For more information about Macurco products, applications, or gases, please get in touch with Macurco at 877-367-7891 or email us at [email protected].

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    CO, LEL, O2 Calibration Kit

  • Cal-Kit 2

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  • RD Cylinder

    Refrigerant Gas Cylinder

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