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Macurco Adds Newest Carbon Dioxide Monitor with a range of 0-5% by vol.

Sioux Falls, SD – April 2021 – Macurco Gas Detection, a leading developer of gas detection solutions for fire and security, HVAC, industrial, and personal safety announced its new CD-6G Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitor.

Macurco’s newest innovative CD-6G Carbon Dioxide Monitor 

This monitor is developed for early notification for safety to alert individuals in the event of a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) leak or unsafe levels of CO2 in an area. This low voltage monitor can provide automatic fan control to help maintain acceptable levels of Carbon Dioxide in greenhouses, the beverage and food industry, refrigeration, welding, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, or other commercial applications. The CD-6G is a great fit for most applications due to having a high range of 0-5% by vol. (0-50,000ppm) and has a 15-year life expectancy sensor.

“There is a newer fast-growing market that this product fits well into and that would be the cannabis grow market. Grow facilities pump in CO2 where the plants are stored to help with growth, but if the levels of CO2 are too high, it can become a concern. The CD-6G gives us a wide range of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) detection that aid in the safety of those working in these types of applications.” said Aaron Sherman, Macurco Gas Detection, Product Manager.

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About Macurco Gas Detection

When you work with Macurco you are not only providing life safety devices to protect you and your customers, but you are also getting a product made in the USA, quality support, and a team that can ensure you have the right product for the right application.

Macurco Gas Detection is a division of Aerionics Inc. Macurco designs develop and manufacture a full set of fixed and portable gas detection monitors for the protection of workers, responders, and the community. Macurco has more than 45-years of proven gas detection experience in residential, commercial, and industrial gas monitoring. Macurco gas detection systems (HVAC, Fire & Security, AimSafety, and TracXP) are widely recognized by distributors and users for their high performance and consistent reliability.

Macurco, AimSafety, and TracXP gas monitors are used in more than 50-countries around the world by major organizations to protect workers and the community and save lives and maintain safety. Macurco is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Learn more at

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