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Macurco Single-Gas Monitor Series

CM-1  Carbon Monoxide  ( CO )

HS-1  Hydrogen Sulfide  ( H2S )

OX-1  Oxygen  ( O2 )

Move forward with confidence, and reduce your
maintenance costs with the new Macurco
Single-Gas Series. An innovative family of portable
single-gas monitors that are user-friendly and
affordable. With a low maintenance and compact
size, the Macurco Portable Single-Gas Monitor
helps you detect potentially hazardous levels of
2, H2S or CO gas. It provides you with reliable,  
2-year performance at an affordable price.
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Macurco Single-Gas LEL Monitor

GS-1  Combustible Gases  ( LEL )
With rugged impact resistant construction and
compliance to IP65, the GS-1 gives an unbeatable
combination of powerful loud and bright alarms for
combustible gas detection.  Its stunningly compact
and lightweight design makes it ideal for use in
industries such as oil and gas, chemical and steel
processing, and waste and water works.
Macurco Multi-Gas Monitor

MG-1  CO, H2S, O2 & LEL
The Macurco MG-1 integrates innovative safety
features and an intuitive, rugged design to provide
advanced protection for those working in harsh
environments.  This portable multigas detector,
which is exceptionally easy to use and service,
protects against the four most prevalent gas
hazards: carbon monoxide ( CO ), hydrogen
sulfide ( H
2S ), combustible gases ( LEL ) and
oxygen ( O
2 ) depletion.
Portables Pro 2.1 Software
(requires USB communication cable)
UNI Single-Gas Monitor Series

The UNI Series offers a simple portable
solution for a wide array of toxic, oxygen and
speciality gas applications. The large LCD
screen provides maximum readability in the
field. These monitors are made with six bright
red LED indicators, allowing for quick alarm
notification. Constructed of strong and
durable material, UNI monitors are designed
to be comfortable yet drop resistant. These
devices can easily be bump tested and
calibrated with the MP300T1 Cali Case.
Gas Types:
CO, C2H4O, CH3SH, Cl2,
2S, HCl,
3, NO, NO2,
2, O3, PH3 & SO2
UNI Software Suite
(for use with MP300T1 Cali Case)