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Carbon Monoxide
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CM-E1 Carbon Monoxide Detector   
Carbon Monoxide in commercial facilities. Can be used as a stand-alone
detector and controller and as an analog transducer for use with the
DVP-120 and other systems – ETL Listed, LADBS Approved

CM-6 - 12-24VAC or 12-32VDC input
CM-12 - 100-240VAC input
• 5A SPDT Fan control relay
• 0.5A N.O. or N.C. Alarm Relay
• Selectable Fan and Alarm Relay Actuation Settings
• Digital Display (0-200ppm of CO), Internal Buzzer
• Coverage Area:  5,000 sq. ft.
• 4-20mA current loop
Provides Carbon Monoxide Gas Detection in residential, multi-family and
commercial office environments - UL Listed, CSFM Approved

• 9-32 VDC  input
• Flush or Surface Mount Enclosure
• N.O. or N.C. Alarm Relay
• N.C. Trouble/Supervisory relay
• 10 Year electrochemical sensor
• Coverage Area:  900 sq. ft.
• Optional
CM-E1-IAK allows easy replacement of earlier Macurco models
Carbon Monoxide Detector Controller and Transducer  
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The CME1-FTG is an 11 liter 500ppm aerosol carbon
monoxide field test gas that can be used with the Macurco
carbon monoxide detectors - CM-6, CM-12, CM-E1 and CM-1.

This field test gas allows users to do a quick
functionality test of the CO sensor. The flow rate of
the CME1-FTG is 10 liters per minute so there is
about a minute of gas or enough to test 20-30 units.
See the specific product user instructions for details
on testing.
Carbon Monoxide Field Test Gas